Joy Saudargas, MA,RD,LDN is a registered dietitian based in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Joy provides customized advice and nutritional counseling to a diverse range of individuals with varying needs including weight management, diabetes and prediabetes, clients struggling with disordered eating, womens’ health, and GI health. She loves to work with clients of all backgrounds and ages using a realistic approach that clients can relate to. Joy also works with children and teenagers with varying concerns from veganism/vegetarianism, disordered eating, and clients who want general knowledge on how to make healthier life choices. Joy is an active member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the Pennsylvania Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She also works with the Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics presenting to doctors, nurses, and medical staff on the evaluation, treatment, and prevention of pediatric obesity in our communities. Joy can also be found travelling around to different Acme supermarkets providing information to clients about healthy eating with diabetes. Coming from an education background has provided Joy with the skills she needed to work with various types of clients. Before becoming a registered dietitian, Joy taught kindergarten, high school, and preschool. Though she loved it, something inside of her said it was time for a change. She loved teaching, cooking, and talking about food, all which showed her the path to Immaculata University where she received her Masters degree and her RD credentialing. Now, Joy is able to use her love of teaching, her in-depth knowledge of medical nutrition therapy, and her creative desire to come up with innovative, delicious recipes to help others create the healthiest lifestyles they can! When Joy is not busy working with clients, she is actively creating new recipes for her husband to “test out”. She also loves spending time with her dog, boating, being in nature, going to the gym, and daydreaming. Joy has years of experience practicing medical nutrition therapy in a clinical setting along with an outpatient setting.

Customer Testimonials:

"So happy I made a connection with Joy! She really listens to you  & has many solutions and tools to make it easy for you! She targets specific problems and gives you confidence to achieve goals"! -Lisa “Joy has been AMAZING to work with.  As a mom of two young kids I could not ask for a better nutritional counselor to help me ease back into taking care of myself again too.  I very much enjoy Joy's approach to whole health in taking into account lifestyle and sleeping habits and not only food and exercise. She genuinely wants to make the world a healthier place through educating people and spreading her vast knowledge. It's great to really learn how to read nutrition labels and which one of those mystery ingredients that's in everything are okay and which ones we should avoid”. -Melinda “Joy absolutely saved my daughters life!  Over the span of 2 years my teenage daughter suffered with an eating disorder. Hospital admittances, ED programs, including in patient and out patient, and a multitude of nutritionists and counselors did not reach her. But Joy's no nonsense approach and ability to connect with people saved her!  Years later, I now receive nutritional counsel from Joy as I journey through menopause. She is wonderful”! - Grateful Mom


Weight Management: Joy will work with you to set realistic goals to meet your weight loss or weight gain needs. Weight management is not about a “diet,” but more of a lifestyle change that you can maintain to help you feel your best. Disease Prevention and Management: Whether you have a family history of diabetes, hypertension, or various other chronic conditions, Joy’s experience as a registered dietitian has provided her with a significant knowledge base in nutrition counseling to help you avoid these types of conditions. If you have just been diagnosed with a medical condition like hypertension or prediabetes, Joy will educate you on how to apply proper dietary changes and nutrition principals to help with the management of your condition. GI disorders, Food Allergies, and Intolerances: If you are experiencing symptoms like diarrhea, gas, bloating, and constipation, come and see Joy. Many of these symptoms can make eating difficult. Unexplained heartburn and bloating can also get in the way of your daily lifestyle. Joy will help you by setting up a plan in order to remedy the digestive issue. Nutrition Before, During, and After Pregnancy: If you are trying to conceive, already have children, or are just expecting your first, Joy has the nutritional knowledge to help you on your journey to ensure that mom, dad, and baby are all at their healthiest. Group Sessions: Do you have a few friends who have similar nutrition goals? Having them around can be motivating and fun. Gather up your family, friends, colleagues, or book group friends and Joy will get you all started on a healthy journey. This service can be conducted via Facetime, Skype, in- home visits, or we can coordinate a fun place that works for all of you like a supermarket or coffee shop. Grocery Store Tours: For many people going to the grocery store can be exhausting, confusing, and stressful. Meet Joy at your favorite grocery store and she will walk you through each section highlighting certain foods. You will also work on label reading, recipe building, and Joy will show you new ingredients you may not know existed, all while staying within your budget. Corporate Nutrition (on-site counseling services): If you are like many people who work a long day and don’t always have time to worry about their nutrition, let Joy come to your worksite. She will work with you individually, sorting through your nutrition concerns while formulating a plan for you to help you achieve your goals. You will get the information you need without the grief of having to leave the building for an appointment. Corporate Lunch and Learns: Heart disease, diabetes, and cancer are some of the conditions that can be prevented with proper nutrition. By bringing a registered dietitian into the work place, companies can save on health insurance costs. Joy will come to your business and present for about an hour on a topic of your choice. Some recent presentations have been geared towards lowering sodium intake, diabetes management, and adding organic into your life.


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Welcome to the Joy of Nutrition where food is fun, food is fuel, and food is fabulous! Doing what is best for your body does not have to be boring and bland. By making small changes to your everyday lifestyle, you can accomplish the goals you set and see changes you may have never dreamed of. Nobody thinks twice about hiring a mechanic, an accountant, or a personal trainer! Why not try bringing a dietitian into your life? Take a look around and see what the Joy of Nutrition has to offer. I look forward to seeing you soon! Joy Saudargas, MA,RD,LDN Registered Dietitian and founder of The Joy of Nutrition LLC

Registered Dietitian vs. Nutritionist:

The term nutritionist isn’t a regulated term, so anyone can call himself or herself a nutritionist, with no formal training or certification. This can cause a lot of confusion for clients. To hold the title of Dietitian, more specifically a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), there are a lot of requirements. An RDN must have completed the specific set of coursework outlined by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. These courses can be completed at the undergraduate or graduate level depending on prior education. On top of completing the specific coursework, they must also complete a 900 hour supervised hands-on internship, and must sit for and pass a national comprehensive examination. Registered Dietitians must also obtain continuing education credits, and are held to a professional code of ethics. All Dietitians are Nutritionists, but all Nutritionists are not Dietitians.
Your personal insurance company may or may not cover  nutrition counseling with a registered dietitian. Joy will call and check to see if your insurance requires a copay, if you need a referral, and how many visits you get per year with a dietitian. If your insurance does not cover nutrition counseling, payment is due at time of service. Cash, check, and major credit cards are accepted. For pricing questions: 484.410.6201

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